Three-meter-long COBRA RGB Line Light for Leading Inkjet Printer Manufacturer

ProPhotonix recently announced it had delivered a three-meter-long RGB LED line light to a world-class inkjet printer manufacturer. The modular COBRA RGB offers superior brightness, excellent color tuning capability, and fast switching speeds. This post outlines the key features of the 3m RGB LED line light, potential applications as well as the benefits of a COBRA RGB Line Light.

Key Features

This 3m COBRA RGB provides extremely bright, uniform, multispectral illumination ideally suited in line scan applications such as print inspection and calibration. Built on the established COBRA Slim LED line light platform, it is available with up to three wavelengths. Wavelengths can also be configured to customer specifications. The COBRA RGB offers a compact form factor and is built in increments of 100mm modules.

It also offers:

  • Wavelengths: from UV to Visible and IR
  • Field Adjustable: Focusing Distance and Diffusers
  • Chip-On-Board: Extreme Brightness and High Uniformity
  • Modular: Available in any Length

The COBRA RGB includes integrated intensity controls for each wavelength via Ethernet communication, providing the user with greater flexibility to tune the light color output tailored to specific production runs and applications.


The RGB LED Line Light features a fast strobing function providing up to five times the light intensity, when compared to continuous operation, ensuring production line speed is maximized and not compromised. Importantly, the strobe function also allows users to rapidly switch between all three colors in less than a millisecond for applications where multiple inspections need to be carried out on the same target in a rapidly moving production line.

Example Applications

Multispectral and hyperspectral imaging allows users to detect very small differences that traditional RGB or monochrome cameras alone cannot. Example applications include printer manufacturers who can continually monitor the color fidelity of the printed data so that, should any color imperfections occur, the printing process can be dynamically adjusted. Improving inline food inspection techniques can be used to sort damaged and diseased foods and remove unwanted materials such as glass from food production lines. Multispectral lights can be utilized to help detect piracy on banknotes with non-invisible markers.

ProPhotonix Engineering Experience

ProPhotonix has over 20 years of LED experience, its engineering team works closely with the end customer to understand the application requirements such as intensity, strobing, and color tuning. To learn more, visit the COBRA RGB page.

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