New UV Laser Module

The Photon Laser module range has been expanded to include a UV laser module at 375nm with power levels up to 70mW. ProPhotonix is a laser diode distributor as well as a laser module manufacturer and has access to the latest in laser diode technology. This new UV Photon laser module has been developed to address the increased interest in UV lasers for applications including UV curing, 3D printing, and particle measurement.

Key Features

  • Now available in UV (375nm)
  • Available wavelengths include 375nm, 405nm, 488nm, 520nm, 635nm, and 830nm
  • Optical output powers from 10mW to 70mW
  • Elliptical and circular beam, line generating, and diffractive optics available
  • Reliable, Compact & self-contained design
  • Adjustable optics and enhanced boresight options
  • CW or TTL modulation options
  • Available with a 25mm mounting flange

Key UV Laser Applications

The UV Photon laser is suitable for UV curing applications that require UV light focused on a smaller area than with UV LED technology. UV lasers offer very fast curing, and 3D Printing applications, many of which currently use 405nm light, could benefit from this compact UV laser. In particle analysis, this laser has the potential to take these applications to another level. The shorter wavelength may enable even smaller particles to be detected and measured.

A Proven Laser Module Platform

With many thousands of Photon laser modules operating in the field, the Photon laser modules are reliable and with a wide range of optical and CW or modulation options, they are configurable to address a wide range of applications. Now available with adjustable optics as well as an enhanced boresight option, the compact laser modules offer easy integration either as a final product or as an evaluation product should you need to validate laser technology within your system.

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