650nm Miniature Laser Diode Collimator

Designed for applications requiring very high beam alignment accuracy, the Miniature laser diode collimator has a lasing wavelength of 650nm, elliptical output beam of 2.7x 6.0mm at 5 meters, beam divergence of 0.5mrad, collimated output power of 5mW, pointing stability of <0.2mrad/°C and high bore sight accuracy.

With over two decades of experience, ProPhotonix has designed the collimator as a complete low-cost, high-volume system for OEM use, suitable for even the most demanding applications.

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Key Features:

  • Visible light at 650nm
  • Factory set, collimated output
  • High boresight accuracy

Key Applications:

  • Industrial and automotive alignment
  • Positioning and sensing
  • Bar code scanning
  • Process control
  • Machine vision
  • Targeting applications


Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications

ProPhotonix’ Miniature Laser Diode Collimator consists of an anodized aluminum housing, a laser diode, and a collimating lens in a lightweight 6mm cylindrical package. Direct access to the laser diode and photodiode connections provides maximum flexibility in the configuration of the electrical interface.

Miniature Laser Diode Collimators are extremely compact in size and will integrate easily into your existing systems.

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