New 488nm Laser Diode Module

ProPhotonix recently launched a 488nm laser diode module. This post looks at the advantages of the new laser module and the range of applications it addresses.

The New 488nm Laser Diode Module

ProPhotonix’ unique position as a distributor of laser diodes as well as a laser module manufacturer gives us early access to the latest in laser diode technology.

Following the release of the PLT5-488 from Osram, ProPhotonix now presents a complete laser diode module solution with a wavelength of 488nm. PLT5-488 offers an attractive alternative to DPSS lasers available at this wavelength and allows ProPhotonix to offer a compact and cost-effective laser module solution. The new laser module joins the ProPhotonix Photon laser module range which has been designed including a configurable range of optics, mechanics and electronics to provide a complete solution for OEM use.

The 488nm laser diode module is available with output powers of 5mW, 10mW and 20mW. It is compact and self-contained and is also available with CW or TTL modulation options.

488nm Laser Diode Module Applications

The stability and reliability of this laser module make it ideal for a wide range of demanding applications including bio-fluorescence spectroscopy and confocal microscopy, particle measurement, metrology, alignment, projection and display.

For more information on the new 488nm laser diode module visit the Photon Laser Modules webpage or contact

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