New Blue Laser Diode

With the launch of the new PLT5-488 from Osram there has been much interest in blue laser diodes but what are the advantages of this laser diode and what applications does it address?

Advantages of the new Blue Laser Diode

The PLT5-488 is a single mode device with an output power of 60mW, packaged in a 5.6mm can. The laser diode has an in-built monitor photodiode for power regulation and a zener diode for additional static discharge protection.

This laser diode has commercial benefits, as well as technical benefits, as it offers a competitive alternative to DPSS lasers and other laser diodes currently available at this wavelength.

Blue laser diode applications

The 488nm laser diode is ideal for demanding applications such as flow cytometry, medical diagnostics, DNA sequencing, bio-fluorescence and particle counting.

The Osram blue laser diodes range

The PLT5-488 is an expansion to the range of blue laser diodes offered by Osram. The manufacturer also offers two laser diodes at 450nm, the PL450B and the PLTB450, with output powers of 120mW and 1400mW respectively. These laser diodes are ideal for a range of applications including laser projection, stage lighting, biomedical applications and metrology.

Technical Support

With over 20 years’ experience in the distribution of laser diodes, and in the design and manufacture of laser diode modules; ProPhotonix is well positioned to advise you on the ideal laser diode for your application. If you require a packaged solution, ProPhotonix can offer a wide range of blue laser diode modules, or can work with you to develop a custom laser diode module to suit your specific application.

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