The Compact Green Laser Module

ProPhotonix has announced the launch of a Compact green laser module range. This post looks at the advantages of the Compact green laser modules and the range of applications it addresses.

Direct emission green laser modules

As a distributor of premium laser diodes, ProPhotonix has access to the latest in laser diode technology. One of the most important laser diode developments in recent times has been the introduction of the Osram direct emission green laser diode. This diode offers significant advantages over traditional DPSS laser diodes. To read more about these advantages view our post on Green laser diodes.

Why choose green laser modules?

Green laser modules are often chosen for visual alignment applications because the human eye is more sensitive to green light than to red. In these types of applications, OEMs can substitute a green laser module in place of a red laser module, with the same power output, making the green laser module appear brighter. Alternatively, for equivalent apparent brightness, a lower power green laser module may be used in place of a higher power red laser. For more on the advantages of green laser modules, read our post on Green laser modules.

The New Green Laser Module

ProPhotonix offer a range of green laser modules. The compact green laser modules, with diameters measuring as little as 8mm, have been designed for applications where space is restricted. In addition to their compact size, these 520nm laser modules have high reliability and constant power output. Their low current requirements make them ideal for use in battery operated applications.

Advantages of the Compact green laser module

  • Compact size (8mm in diameter)
  • High reliability
  • Constant power output
  • Low current requirements

The Compact Green Series of 520nm lasers is available in a range of output powers and with elliptical spot, line and cross generating optics options. Applications include industrial alignment, patient positioning, laser pointers and light scattering applications.

For more information on these laser modules, visit the Compact Green laser module page.

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