Have you been waiting for Green Laser Modules?

One of the most important technology changes in recent times is the introduction of the new direct emitting, 520nm, laser diode from Osram Opto-Semiconductor. This technology allows green laser modules as a much more attractive solution versus traditional technologies.

Advantages over traditional DPSS Lasers

Laser Modules have been available in green for some time using Diode Pumped Solid State techniques. DPSS Lasers are manufactured using an IR laser diode to pump a gain medium (ruby for instance) to create green. Green DPSS laser modules are typically bulky, noisy and lack temperature stability. The new direct emission laser modules offer a number of advantages over the traditional technology.

Advantages of Green Laser Modules

  • Compact packages
  • Improved power stability over a wide ambient temperature range up to 60°C
  • Reduced operating currents (<200mA)
  • Faster rise times and wider modulation bandwidth
  • Small collimated beams with low divergent output
  • Simplified optical design

Why choose green laser modules?

There are a number of reasons why users will choose green laser modules. The user is often restricted by the absolute power level due to laser safety classifications. The human eye is most sensitive to green light. In applications, this means that it is possible to use lower power devices, achieving the same visibility whilst reducing power consumption. The green laser will appear brighter than red of the same power output. Users can now safely use direct emission green laser modules without the high cost and onerous space requirements of previous technology.

Green Machine Vision Lasers:

Machine Vision equipment fabricators will benefit from this technology change and can obtain faster throughput without sacrificing inspection integrity.

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