Green Laser Diodes

Direct emission green laser diodes are the latest technology and offer distinct advantages over traditional DPSS green laser diodes.

Green Laser Diodes Specifications

The latest range of direct emission green laser diodes offers a variety of options to accommodate a many different applications. Wavelengths from 515-520 are available with powers ranging from 50mW up to 120mW.

The PL515 and PL520 green laser diodes, which provide 30mW and 50mW at their respective wavelengths, are produced in an extremely compact 3.8mm I-Cut package suitable for applications where size is critical.

For industrial and biomedical applications where power stability is a concern, the PLT 515 and PLT 520 are available which include an in-built monitor photodiode. These diodes allow system designers to more easily regulate the power, without the need for active temperature control. The PLT 515 and PLT 520 are also supplied in a 5.6mm TO package, which allows for better transfer of heat from the laser diode.

All of the above diodes are single transverse mode with near-Gaussian beam profiles, a key requirement for many projection and industrial alignment applications.

The PLP-520 is also available for applications with higher power requirement; this is a 120mW device at 520nm in a 5.6mm TO-Package. While being multi-mode, the small emitting area and low beam divergence make it ideal for applications where power and superior beam quality are required.

Green Laser Diodes Applications

Direct Green laser diodes are ideal for a wide variety of applications including alignment and targeting for medical, industrial and defense markets. They are also ideally suited for use in pico-projector and other display applications.

Green Laser Modules

Direct emission green laser diodes can be easily built into laser diode modules. The compactness and efficiency of these devices allow for simple integration into modules for alignment and targeting applications. ProPhotonix now have a range of direct emission green laser modules in the green spectral region. A variety of options are available including elliptical beam and Gaussian lines with powers from 1 to 20mW.


The new green laser diodes offer significant advantages over DPSS laser diodes in terms of beam quality, efficiency, stability and lifetime making them suitable for a wide range of applications. To see the full range of green laser diodes available from ProPhotonix, visit our Laser Diode Selector.

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