Developing UVC LED Disinfection Systems

UVC LEDs are a flexible technology that can be adapted to a number of applications and industries, including disinfection of air, water, and surfaces.  Mercury, Eximer and Pulsed xenon lamps have previously been used but with recent technology advancements, UVC LEDs now offer more scope for commercial applications.

For most UVC LED applications, the optimal wavelength is 265nm. But other wavelengths should not be ignored as they may provide greater efficiencies, cost reductions and capabilities in individual applications. There is a greater desire for sustainable and safe solutions so as UVC LED costs decrease and efficiencies increase this technology will become a more viable solution for additional applications in the long term.

Why use an Evaluation Kit?

If your business is looking to develop a disinfection solution or wants to move away from mercury based systems then an evaluation kit can help you to develop a safer, more sustainable disinfection system.  An evaluation product is a complete and compact unit that can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.  The COBRA Clean FX1 can be configured with numerous optical and electrical options so you can rapidly test efficiency and performance.

Different surfaces have different absorption profiles, so while 265nm might be most ideal  for breaking down DNA, 285nm might be better suited for another application such  as Chlorine removal. Performance metrics including output power, electronic and optical configurations, and wavelengths can all be assessed using the evaluation kit.

Once an optimum specification has been determined for your application, ProPhotonix will partner with you to build on the concept and take it to completion. We have over 25 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing optimized LED systems. Our expertise in optics, mechanics and electronics helps us to build truly custom solutions.  We will work with you each step of the way to produce a custom UVC LED disinfection solution that is high-performing and reliable over the lifetime of the product

Developing the Right Disinfection System

The COBRA Clean FX1 is a complete system – ready for use. It was designed as an evaluation lamp primarily to help R&D and industrial labs evaluate the feasibility of using UVC LEDs.

Key features include

  • Four wavelengths available – 265nm, 275nm 285nm and 310nm.
  • predictable, high power and uniform light due to optimized heat sinking, active cooling and linear control of intensity.
  • peak irradiance of 90 mW/cm 2
  • peak energy density (dose) of 90 mJ/cm 2
  • numerous optical and electrical configurations

The COBRA Clean FX1 now comes in four wavelengths – 265nm, 275nm 285nm and 310nm. This expands the testing capability of the lamp and offers potential for innovative disinfection solutions.

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