Multispectral Imaging in Food Sorting

Industry: Food

Solution: COBRA MultiSpec

Customer Requirements

Multispectral imaging and hyperspectral imaging in the food industry is extremely valuable to separate out foreign materials, stones and other contaminants. It is also excellent for quantifying moisture levels in the product.

ProPhotonix recently worked with a customer that was sorting pulses and grains, more specifically, sorting rice. The key challenge for this customer was that they were struggling with achieving the required intensity at specific wavelengths. This was slowing down their sorting process, affecting reliability as well as the consistency of foreign matter detection.

Multispectral light configurable to the application needs

ProPhotonix supplied a COBRA MultiSpec LED line light unit with three wavelengths: 855nm, 1200nm, and 1550nm. Following the addition of an interference filter that the customer had to include in their process, the intensity levels read by the camera dropped significantly.



ProPhotonix worked with the customer and boosted the performance of those two wavelengths through the addition of extra channels for those wavelengths as well as boosting the drive currents through each of them. Additionally, each wavelength was assigned its own strobe group, and optically balanced to achieve further power gains when pulsed at the designated frequency of 5kHz (45% duty cycle). With sequential strobing of each wavelength, the customer was able to reduce camera and overall system costs.

The end result was that because ProPhotonix designs and builds its products from the chip up and has in-house electronics expertise, ProPhotonix was able to tailor the COBRA MultiSpec to enhance the relevant wavelengths and still reduce system costs. Ultimately, it allowed for a faster and more reliable sorting speed and overall increase in throughput and improvement in end users’ return on investment.

The Solution: Multispectral LED Line Light

ProPhotonix COBRA MultiSpec

COBRA™ MultiSpec multispectral LED line light has been designed to deliver tuneable multispectral light enabling optimized image acquisition. Offering discrete control of up to twelve different wavelengths, from 365nm to 1650nm configurable to your application needs.  Control via an intuitive graphical user interface allows you to maximize contrast by choosing the optimum spectral profile for your application and providing more intensity at specific wavelengths to suit your application needs.

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