Continuous Wave Lasers Modules: Compact, configurable, high performance in a miniature package

The Continuous Wave Laser Modules, part of the Matchbox series from Integrated Optics, delivers high performance in a miniature package. These compact CW Laser modules are uniquely sized, measuring just 30 x 50 x 16 mm with over 150 different configurations available off-the-shelf. This blog post provides an overview of the series including its key features and applications.

Key Specifications 

  • Compact, complete laser module package
  • Available in more than 20 wavelengths
  • Automatic power control
  • A range of fiber-coupled and free-space optics options available: MM/SM/PM
  • Unique design with efficient thermal stabilization

Key Features

The CW laser module delivers high performance in a miniature package. Smart power electronics are incorporated in the module for optimal stability and control. A wide range of optical options is available, including multi-mode, single mode and polarization-maintaining fiber. These robust laser modules are highly integrated, incorporating proprietary optical designs and smart electronics, resulting in self-contained laser sources. The CW Lasers provide an excellent combination of high performance and competitive price.

The compact CW Lasers are an ideal solution for industrial and scientific applications due to their ease of integration into OEM laser systems.

Key Applications

CW Lasers provide an ideal solution for use in handheld devices, as the ultra-compact CW lasers, operate at +5VDC. The technology integrated into the laser modules provides a remarkable competitive solution in sophisticated Raman spectroscopy applications. The CW Laser modules are specifically suited to applications such as Food & Recycling sorting, Flow Cytometry, Scanning Microscopy, Medical diagnostics, and Spectroscopy

Integrated Optics is an ISO9001-2015 certified laser module designer and manufacturer. The company operates its own clean room and a unique semi-automated assembly method for manufacturing its laser modules. Its compact and efficient electronics and know-how, enable its innovative compact laser module platforms.

Why Choose ProPhotonix

ProPhotonix has over two decades of experience in laser technology. If the standard Continuous Wave Lasers do not meet your specifications, ProPhotonix can work with Integrated Optics to develop a custom solution for you. ProPhotonix has the expertise to support you in developing a customized laser based on an existing platform or a completely custom solution to meet your specific application needs.  When you work with ProPhotonix, you will have our extensive expertise and experience at your disposal to help you meet your targets.

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