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ProPhotonix has recently announced the extension of its laser modules range with the addition of the MatchBox and ARA Series from Integrated Optics. In this post, we’ll learn more about Integrated Optics, its innovative laser module platforms and about the applications that could benefit from these lasers modules.

Integrated Optics

Integrated Optics is an ISO9001-2015 certified laser module designer and manufacturer and was established in Lithuania in 2012. The company operates its own clean room and a unique semi-automated assembly method for manufacturing its laser modules. Its compact and efficient electronics and know-how, enable its innovative compact laser module platforms. Integrated Optics was recently a finalist in the PRISM Awards for innovation in photonics, with the latest addition to its range of MatchBox laser modules.

Integrated Optics Product Range

Integrated Optics offers two laser platforms, the MatchBox series, and the ARA series. These laser modules are amongst the smallest available on the market today and are ideal for applications such as spectroscopy and LIDAR.

The MatchBox Series

The MatchBox Series includes Continuous Wavelength (CW) Lasers, Nanosecond Micro Lasers, and Wavelength Combiners. These lasers feature an ultra-compact all-in-one design, the laser head includes optical components and driving electronics within a single enclosure. The configurable series incorporates a wide range of wavelengths, output powers and line-width options. Over 150 configurations of the MatchBox Series are available. Customized products can also be configured to meet specific applications requirements.

For more information on the MatchBox Series, visit the relevant product page:

CW Lasers  Nanosecond Pulsed Lasers  Matchbox Wavelength Combiner Lasers

The ARA Series

The ARA Series of laser combiners consists of direct diode and DPSS lasers offering up to 4 independent wavelengths from a single laser combiner. Each ARA series module contains 4 MatchBox Series Lasers as well as a waveguide combiner chip providing multiple wavelengths in a single and compact unit.

For more information, visit the ARA Series page.

Laser Module Series Applications

The MatchBox and ARA Series lasers are suitable for a wide range of applications including microscopy, spectroscopy (fluorescence spectroscopy, laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) and Raman spectroscopy), medical diagnostics, flow cytometry, LIDAR, metrology, holography, and UV curing.

For more information on the CW Lasers, Nanosecond Pulsed lasers and Wavelength Combiner Lasers, visit our Laser Module solutions webpage.

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