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Laser Targeting

Solutions for Targeting with Lasers

From guidance systems in defense to aiming systems in the entertainment industries, laser modules provide a simple and effective means of finding a target.

Lasers are used in targeting applications to provide high precision and guidance. Lasers help to improve accuracy, ease system set-up and help minimize targeting time. They can provide a highly visible spot to identify targets or allow systems to hone in on reflected laser light to reach a target.

Laser Targeting Systems

Laser targeting systems are probably best known in gun sighting applications, both for the military and sport, with a visible laser spot providing a clear indication of where a projectile will strike. This form of laser targeting system is also popular in the entertainment industry, with low power laser module mounted into cylindrical barrels for a range of games and activities. Laser targeting is also used in industry, for aligning a drill or mining apparatus, or industrial machinery. Missile guidance systems use laser targeting systems, normally in infra-red, with imaging systems able to home in on reflected laser light.

Bore sighting is a measure of how well the laser diode is aligned with the barrel of the module and is critical when selecting a laser system for targeting applications. It can limit the accuracy of targeting.

A rugged device is often necessary so there is no damage to the module while operating in the field. Red or green laser diodes may be selected for high visibility, or infra-red may be preferred so that the target point is invisible to the naked eye but can be seen with night-vision or camera systems.

Standard & Custom Solutions

With a diverse range and over two decades of expertise designing and building laser systems, ProPhotonix can offer both standard and custom designed laser diode modules for your targeting application. We can work with you to select the best laser for your needs, helping select wavelength, power and focus and can provide a compact, low-power design or a rugged, high precision solution, to meet your requirements.