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Printing inspection and UV Curing of inks

Printing Inspection Lighting Solutions

ProPhotonix provides LED illumination ideally suited to print inspection systems.

LED lighting is widely used in print inspection systems which allow this high-speed industry to ensure that production is of the highest quality. In the print industry, machine vision systems can be used to detect flaws in printed material, such as color variations, smears, spots, splashes and missing print. Raw printing materials such as paper, cardboard or plastic can also be examined for defects, such as stains and tears.

Print Inspection Lighting Considerations

Typically, line scan systems using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) are used to meet the demands of inspecting fast moving web materials. In line scan applications the uniformity of the light is crucial. Improving the quality of the lighting will significantly improve the quality of image acquired and thus provide better quality control.

Wavelength choice is critical when providing illumination for a print inspection system. When viewing material printed in a variety of colors, white light is generally the most suitable, as it allows all print to be inspected simultaneously by a monochromatic camera. In applications where only a limited range of colors are used, the print which is to be inspected may be best viewed under illumination of a matching color.

is ideal for use in print inspection. With its modular design, the product can be supplied in any length. Our Chip-on-Board LED technology means that the product is extremely bright with excellent uniformity due to higher chip density, and this results in better and faster inspections.

is available in a range of wavelengths from 365nm to 1500nm, and its compact and slim design makes it easy to install close to the web. Cobra Slim is also available with on-board Ethernet control.

ProPhotonix can also supply custom solutions for specific requirements. For more information contact us.