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Industry Solutions

ProPhotonix lasers and LED systems are well suited to meet the demands of many industries. Our innovative engineering and custom solutions, driven by customer needs, ensure that our products will be a perfect fit for your business. Learn how our products are used in the following industries:


LED illumination ensures the packaging industry will have higher quality inspection and throughput. Vision systems are typically used when the packaging is formed, filled, labelled or placed in crates, to ensure that all of these processes are carried out correctly.


The pharmaceutical industry benefits from ProPhotonix LED illumination and lasers through sorting, packaging, and inspection applications. The quality of illumination products used in the inspection system determines the accuracy and quality of results. Correct labelling of products is of the utmost importance in pharmaceutical manufacturing and these can be inspected using Optical Character Recognition systems.


High quality production is an integral aspect of the printing industry and ProPhotonix offers LED products that are an effective solution. Inspection systems are commonly used to verify the print, inspect print quality, and to inspect binding. Typically, linescan systems using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) are used to meet the demands of inspecting fast moving web materials.


Laser and LED lighting are effective in the semi-conductor industry in wafer inspection and measurement systems. These inspection and measurement systems are used to detect flaws, to identify inconsistencies in patterns, to check batch numbers and barcodes, and to check the appearance of products.


ProPhotonix lasers and LEDs are the perfect solution for reducing costs and increasing throughput in solar cell production. Vision systems are used in sorting and grading of solar cells. Vision systems are also used to guide robotic handling equipment used in the manufacturing process. As solar cells require different panels to work together, if inspection systems do not accurately detect defects early, whole modules can be compromised.