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3D Scanning laser modules

3D Scanning Laser Modules

ProPhotonix produce a range of compact laser modules ideally suited to 3D Scanning applications for some of the fastest growing 3D Scanner manufacturers in the world. These economical laser modules are just 8mm in diameter and are available in a range of red wavelengths at output power levels up to 4.5mW.

Wavelength & Power

3D scanning typically uses a red laser. The specific wavelength will depend on the sensitivity of the camera being used. The power level of the lasers is extremely important as in this type of application adherence to laser safety classifications is crucial and the lasers must be eye-safe. With access to laser diodes from all major manufacturers, ProPhotonix is able to source the optimum diode for each application.

Optical Performance

The laser line modules are available with a 58° or 88° fan angle to allow for the line length and working distance required by your application. The modules produce a thin laser line to deliver the optimum image resolution. Custom optical configurations are also available.


ProPhotonix’ in-house manufacturing ensures that we can produce laser modules to tight specifications and our stringent quality procedures ensure that you receive repeatable results every time. Repeatability of the fan angle of the laser and the resulting laser line length is important to guarantee consistent performance of the 3D scanner. If the fan angle of the laser is too small the scanner will not be able to scan the required sized object. Robustness, reliability and repeatability are key criteria when developing a laser for 3D scanning. Custom laser prototypes undergo significant product testing in the development phase and in manufacturing. ProPhotonix has put rigorous testing procedures in place to guarantee repeatability of key measurements.