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About ProPhotonix Limited

ProPhotonix designs and manufactures LED illumination solutions and laser modules. In addition, we distribute laser diodes from key industry leaders like Ushio (formerly Opnext), Osram, Sony, QSI, Panasonic and Ondax. ProPhotonix has established a strong position in the machine vision sector and building on this reputation has significantly expanded its presence into the solar, semi-conductor, security and medical markets.

Since its beginning, ProPhotonix has demonstrated its ability to create and deliver products for highly demanding applications and to supply customers with components critical to their operations. This agile development coupled with our extensive manufacturing “know-how” sets us apart from our competitors.

LED operations are headquartered in Cork, Ireland. Here we have developed extensive expertise in the selection and design of thermally efficient substrates, the optical design of lens and diffuser systems, the design of cooling systems for extremely high power illuminators and the science of LED lifetimes.

Stansted, U.K., the center of excellence for our laser operations, is where we manufacture custom designed laser modules and other electro-optical sub-assemblies and optoelectronic components. In addition, the U.K. facility distributes visible, infrared, blue violet and green laser diodes to customers worldwide.

ProPhotonix products are currently sold to approximately 500 customers primarily in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim.



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