About Ushio Laser Diodes

This post provides an overview of Ushio laser diodes, including the available range, their applications and why you might select an Ushio laser diode.

About Ushio

The Ushio laser diode business (formerly part of Hitachi, and more recently Opnext and Oclaro) was incorporated into the Japanese Ushio Group in 2014, as Ushio Opto Semiconductors Inc. Ushio Opto Semiconductors also includes their Epitex LED division giving them multi-technology approach in responding to the photonics industry.

The Ushio Laser Diodes Range

The laser diode product range from Ushio is broad. They offer both visible and infrared laser diodes. Blue-violet laser diodes at 404nm and 405nm have output powers ranging from 150mW to 1W. Red laser diodes from 635nm to 690nm are at 5mW – 2200mW. Finally, the near IR laser diodes range from 705nm to 852nm with output powers of 40-50mW.


Ushio laser diodes are used for a wide array of applications, which includes medical equipment, display, printing and industrial tools such as sensors and levellers. More specifically, Ushio’s UV laser diode range is most suited for direct imaging applications while the 635nm diodes are most applicable in the construction industry and are used in display tools and levellers. Medical and sensor applications may use laser diodes in the 650nm to 660nm range. Barcode scanners and other measurement tools generally require wavelengths between 670nm and 690nm. The infrared laser diodes are advisable for security sensors.

Why Ushio Laser Diodes?

With over 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of semiconductor laser diodes, Ushio has a well-established reputation in the photonics industry. Ushio’s broad product range enables them to meet most application needs. In addition, all Ushio Opto Semiconductor products are also RoHS compliant.

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