All You Need to Know About Red and IR Laser Diodes

IR and Red Laser Diodes offer the ideal solution for applications such as gesture recognition, or industrial applications.

This is ProPhotonix’ guide to IR and Red Laser Diodes, and some of their key applications.

Over 300 IR and Red Laser Diodes to Choose From

ProPhotonix offers wavelengths from 635nm up to 905nm with power levels from 5mW up to 75W. A variety of packages and pin configurations are available to best suit your application requirements. ProPhotonix has strong relationships with many laser diode manufacturers and can offer excellent value.

Red Laser Diode Specifications

Red laser diode wavelengths from 633nm to 670nm with power levels from 5mW up to 2200mW are available in a range of different pin configurations and packages from 3.3mm up to 9mm. These diodes can be operated at a variety of operating temperatures including some red laser diodes that can be operated at a maximum temperature of 85°C.

IR Laser Diode Specifications

 infrared laser diode


ProPhotonix offers a vast collection of infrared laser diodes from a number of high-quality laser diode manufacturers including Ushio, QSI and Ondax. IR laser diodes are available from 705nm to 905nm and with power levels from 5mW up to 75W. All of our IR diodes offer high quality and repeatable performance.

IR and Red Laser Diodes Key Features
Red Laser DiodesIR laser Diodes
Wavelength 633nm to 670nm705nm to 905nm
Power Level5mW up to 2200mW5mW up to 75W
Can size 3.3mm up to 9mm5.6mm up to 9mm


IR Laser Diodes Applications

One of the most common applications for IR laser diodes is in gesture recognition. These diodes are also used in industrial optical module and sensor applications with some diodes having a built-in photodiode for monitoring laser diode performance. Other applications include robotics, motion sensing, targeting or night vision, and sorting applications.


Green and red apples: Prophotonix



Red Laser Diodes Applications

Red laser diodes are robust and reliable products ideally suited for integration into laser modules, levellers, measurement equipment and as a light source for projector and laser shows.


Red Laser Diode Key Applications


ProPhotonix works with a number of Red and IR laser diodes manufacturers, with this broad product range, we offer an extensive choice of wavelengths, output powers, and packages to address the majority of laser diode applications.


Blue Violet Laser Diode

Why Work with ProPhotonix?

With over 20 years’ experience in distributing laser diodes, ProPhotonix is well positioned to offer you superior technical support and advice to help you select the right laser diode for your application. We work with a number of high-quality laser diode manufacturers including Ushio, Osram, Panasonic, QSI and Ondax.

With such a wide range of laser diodes; we provide a large selection of power outputs, wavelengths and package types to address a broad range of applications. Our long-term relationships with laser diode manufacturers mean that we can offer you the best price to value for your laser diode and module needs.

For more information on any of our laser diodes, click here or use our handy laser diode selector to select your laser diode and download laser diode datasheets.

If you have any technical questions, please contact us today.

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