IR Laser Diodes

ProPhotonix provides a wide range of IR laser diodes from high quality manufacturers such as Ushio (formerly OCLARO), QSI and Panasonic. This post will discuss the range of wavelengths available, the applications for IR laser diodes and some of the support available to you in selecting the optimum IR laser diode for your application.

IR Laser Diode Wavelengths

Available in wavelengths from 705nm to 940nm and at power levels greater than 5W, ProPhotonix can offer the right IR laser diode solution for your application. All of our IR diodes offer high quality and repeatable performance. We have laser diodes available at different price points, depending on your specific application requirements.

IR Laser Diode Applications

Perhaps the most common application for IR laser diodes is in gesture recognition. Other applications include motion sensing, robotics, sorting applications and targeting or night vision applications.

Selecting the right IR Laser Diode

With over 20 years’ experience in both the distribution and integration of laser diodes, ProPhotonix are well positioned to offer you the technical support you require to choose the optimum IR laser diode for your application. If you require laser diode datasheets, simply visit our handy laser diode selector, which includes the datasheets from all of our laser diode manufacturers and allows you to specify your requirements. If you require further support, or have questions, please contact


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