New Visible HyperSpectral LED Line Light

The COBRA HyperSpec Visible is the latest addition to the COBRA HyperSpec hyperspectral LED line light platform. Focused on the visible band between 400nm and 700nm, this new standard configuration is ideal for a wide range of applications. This post will highlight key features of the new product as well as examples of its applications.

COBRA HyperSpec Visible

Building on the earlier release of the COBRA HyperSpec Visible-IR with wavelengths between 400nm and 1000nm; ProPhotonix has developed the new COBRA HyperSpec Visible focused exclusively on the visible band between 400nm and 700nm to address color inspection applications. The new hyperspectral LED line light delivers a broad, flat, and fuller spectrum providing an ideal solution for a wide range of color inspection applications such as color integrity and surface finish inspections.

The new visible hyperspectral line light delivers a superior solution for color inspection to standard white phosphor-converted LED lights. These types of sources typically exhibit limited coverage across the visible spectral range. Critical to quality control, color inspection plays an important role in delivering a wide range of products from high-end consumer goods, to automotive to printed materials like packaging The new visible-only COBRA HyperSpec (400nm–700nm) will ensure optimized inspection as it demonstrates exceptional color rendering. 

Key Features:  

  • Standard Wavelength Configurations as well as Customized or Custom Options 
  • Extreme Brightness and High Uniformity 
  • Compact Form Factor 
  • Modular: Available in any Length up to 6m 
  • Integrated Strobe and Ethernet Control 
  • Up to Four Independent Strobe Lines 

Key Applications:  

  • High-Quality Finished Goods Inspection 
  • Print Inspection 
  • Automotive Inspection 

COBRA HyperSpec Platform

The COBRA HyperSpec Visible offers all the advantages of an LED-based light including energy efficiency, and long lifetimes, as well as advantages unique to the COBRA HyperSpec platform – such as superior light output from a compact form factor, integrated strobe and Ethernet control, and an intuitive interface allowing you to easily optimize your spectrum to the task or object at hand. 

COBRA HyperSpec – Configurable with up to 12 wavelengths 

Built on the established COBRA Slim platform, the compact COBRA HyperSpec can be configured with up to 12 wavelengths. Chip-on-Board LED technology is utilized to allow a much higher packing density than with competing products and ensure excellent uniformity and high intensity. COBRA HyperSpec is a modular product and is available in lengths up to 6m.

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