New Compact Green Laser Diode

ProPhotonix has recently announced the extension of its range of green laser diodes, with the release of the new 520nm, PL520B from Osram. This post looks at the specifications, features and applications of the new green laser diode.

Key Specifications

  • Wavelength: 520nm
  • Output power: 80mW
  • Compact, TO-38, I-cut package

Key Features

The PL520B has an output power of 80mW and delivers superior beam quality due to Osram’s ‘Brilliant Beam Technology’. This technology improves the far field beam profile. The diode’s performance is very stable over a broad range of temperatures. The green laser diode is offered in a compact TO38 I-Cut package for miniaturized applications. In addition, the threshold current is reduced to 40mA which improves energy efficiency.

Key Applications

Due to the improved far field beam profile, the image quality is enhanced in projection applications. In addition, the green laser diode’s stability over a broad temperature range makes this diode well suited to applications with demanding environmental conditions.

The PL520B offers an ideal solution for applications such as laser projection, laser shows, holography, metrology and biomedical applications.

With over 20 years’ experience in laser diode technology, ProPhotonix is ideally suited to offer you technical support in selecting the optimum laser diode for your application.

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