LED solution for Medical Vision Systems

LED solutions for medical vision systems are becoming more prevalent to meet the demanding requirements of the medical device industry. In this post, we look at an example of how LED technology has been used to enable the development of a vascular imaging system.

Vascular Imaging Requirements

Illumination is a vital part of all medical vision systems and each medical imaging application will have unique illumination requirements. A customer approached us to provide a solution to their process that required LED lights for a medical vision system for their vascular imaging application.

The customer required an illuminator to highlight blood within the veins allowing for safer IV placement. The light source, in the IR spectrum, needed to be compact with high intensity. The customer chose LED lighting technology for a number of reasons:

  • Wavelength

The system required a specific wavelength in the IR spectrum for the delivery of high resolution, quality images of veins. The use of Chip-on-board LED technology provides a custom wavelength to illuminate the veins allowing the system to capture a high resolution vein image.

  • Intensity

A high intensity, LED light was required to illuminate through hair and skin to return the image produced by the system.

  • Uniformity

The uniformity of light provided by the LED line light provides an enhanced and improved contrast image for identification of veins.

  • Form Factor

The form factor of the light was a key consideration in determining the size of the overall system. The LED Line light enabled the customer to reduce the size of the system, making it lighter and more user friendly.

LED Technology

Chip-on-board LED lights for medical vision systems allow customers to exploit the benefits of LEDs including custom wavelengths, uniformity, intensity control and form factor.

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