About Panasonic Laser Diodes

This post will provide an overview of Panasonic laser diodes, including the available range, as well as why you might select a Panasonic laser diode. This is the third in a series of posts introducing our laser diode manufacturers.

About Panasonic

In addition to its popular consumer and audiovisual product range, Panasonic has several other subsidiaries including Semiconductor, Electronic Components and the Foundry division. The manufacturing headquarters are in Japan with other facilities in China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

The Panasonic Laser Diodes Range

Panasonic supplies laser diodes primarily in the red and infrared range, including a dual wavelength red and infrared laser diode. Their red wavelength laser diodes are at 661nm and the infrared wavelength is 783nm. Output powers are at 100mW for the red laser diodes and 200mW for the infrared laser diodes. Panasonic offers its laser diodes in the standard 5.6mm package and has an innovative flat package for its dual wavelength diodes, which uses 50% less external optical parts compared to a traditional two laser system.


Panasonic has been expanding its range from consumer and audiovisual applications to industrial, medical and automotive applications.

Why Panasonic Laser Diodes?

Panasonic is the worldwide number one laser diode supplier in the optical pick-up market due to their high quality product. Some of the other benefits of using Panasonic laser diodes are that they are highly efficient, low consumption, have stable operation even at high temperatures and they are designed with low heat loss technology, keeping your system cooler.

With more than two decades of experience in providing laser diode technology and manufacturing laser diode modules, ProPhotonix has the technical expertise to support you to select the right laser diode for your application. For more information on Panasonic laser diodes, visit our Panasonic Laser Diodes webpage or to view our full offering of laser diodes, go to our laser diode selector.

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