Laser Diode Modules for 3D Printing

ProPhotonix recently announced that it has delivered more than 50,000 laser diode modules for use in 3D printers and scanners. This post discusses the key laser module requirements for these rapidly growing markets, techniques used in 3D printing and scanning, and how ProPhotonix can address the most demanding of requirements.

3D Printing Requirements for Laser Diode Modules

Wavelength, optical performance and reliability are critical considerations when specifying a laser module for 3D printing applications. Wavelength requirements can be determined by the material being used as well as system requirements. As a laser diode supplier, as well as a laser module manufacturer, ProPhotonix has access to a wide variety of wavelengths, from a range of high quality manufacturers, making optimum wavelength selection for each application a shorter and more straightforward process.

In 3D printers, laser modules must perform repeatably and reliably. For these types of applications, the laser module manufacturer’s ability to deliver to tight specifications time and time again is crucial. ProPhotonix manufactures many of its parts in-house allowing the Company to deliver products to tight tolerances. In addition, the laser module manufacturer conducts extensive testing to ensure the laser diode modules perform consistently throughout their lifetime.


Stereolithography is a 3D printing technique in which a UV light source is used to cure successive layers of liquid to turn it into hardened plastic in the shape of your required item. This vat process is also known as additive manufacturing and is typically used with computer aided design programs to produce prototypes.

3D Scanning

3D scanning is typically carried out utilizing a laser and a sensor together. These systems allow the user to capture the properties of the item being scanned and replicate it using a 3D printer. Laser diode modules have become the preferred technology in 3D scanning due to the availability of compact form factors, wavelength and power considerations, as well as optical performance and repeatability. ProPhotonix has developed a number of compact, cost effective laser modules for 3D scanning applications.

ProPhotonix Laser Module Expertise

As the market for 3D printing equipment continues to grow, ProPhotonix has developed strong relationships with leading 3D printer and scanner manufacturers worldwide due to the company’s comprehensive cost effective laser module offering. To learn more about ProPhotonix expertise in 3D printing applications

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