Laser Diode Module Selection for Scientific Applications

In order to meet the specific and precise needs of the scientific community, an optimized, high quality laser diode module must be selected. This post explains why laser diode modules are critical components in a number of scientific instruments, and how the best laser solution enables a broad range of parameters to be measured accurately and easily.

What is laser light scattering?

Many scientific instruments use laser light scattering as a non-invasive analytical technique measuring the amount of light scattered by particles, as well as the angle of scatter. By doing this, important assertions about the sample can be made, such as particle size, particle density, etc.

Why is laser light scattering important?

Laser light scattering often provides vital information about materials, which in turn enables the identification of particles and the detection of impurities – smoke in a gas flow, for example.

What impact does the laser diode module have?

The optimum laser module allows you to improve light scattering efficiency, and increase the accuracy of your system by ensuring the best laser wavelength and power have been selected.

Fluorescence and laser diode modules

Another key focus of many scientific instruments is the excitation of molecules, especially proteins, causing them to fluoresce. The laser diode module is an important element as the excitation light source must be precisely matched target molecule in order for the technique to work effectively. High precision wavelength tuning can be achieved through thermoelectric cooling of the laser module, which ensures the necessary high levels of wavelength and power stability.

Custom Laser Modules

Along with our off-the-shelf laser modules, ProPhotonix also offers custom laser solutions. When standard specifications don’t provide the optimum solution our optical, electronic and mechanical engineers will work with you to rapidly design and build a cost effective laser module that addresses your systems specifications.

In House Expertise

ProPhotonix has a team of highly experienced optical, electronic and mechanical engineers. Our expertise in laser modules enables us to design lasers so that we have precise control of the beam properties. In some cases this will involve a fiber coupled laser to provide a precise beam in a restricted space. These compact fiber coupled laser diode modules provide stable output power due to the precision alignment of optics and laser diodes.


ProPhotonix has more than two decades of experience manufacturing bespoke laser systems and a range of modules that are well suited to meet the needs of scientific applications. In addition to our expertise in customized solutions, we offer a wide range of configurable laser modules and are well positioned to meet the varied and demanding requirements of the scientific community.

For more information on specifying the optimum laser module for your scientific application, contact ProPhotonix at

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