IP67 rated Machine Vision Lighting

ProPhotonix has just announced a new IP67-rated compatible enclosure for its SpecBright range of LED area, ring and spot lights. Below, we will discuss this new standard feature and its applications.

What is IP67?

The IP rating (or ingress protection rating) of a product refers to the product’s protection against solid objects including dust and fluids, such as water and chemicals. In the rating, the first digit refers to the protection from dust, while the second digit refers to the protection from fluids. A higher number reflects a greater protection level.

Why IP67 machine vision lighting?

In some applications and industries, such as the food and beverage industry, all machinery is subjected to regular wash-down. This process can use harsh chemicals, therefore, machine vision lighting must be protected.

The IP67 SpecBright range

The new range offers an IP67 machine vision lighting solution in a variety of form factors. Area, ring and spot lights are available in a number of sizes. The SpecBright range has been developed using Chip-on-Board LED technology to deliver the extreme brightness and excellent uniformity from a compact form factor to ensure the optimum machine vision lighting setup. For more information, read our post on the Advantages of Chip on Board for machine vision lighting..

IP67 SpecBrights are available in UV, visible and IR wavelengths, as well as white. Designed for easy integration, they can be operated in either continuous or strobe mode. For more information, visit our SpecBright Machine Vision Lighting.

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