Introducing the New Brighter COBRA Max LED Line Light

There is a new enhancement to the COBRA Slim LED line light platform with the launch of the new brighter COBRA Max LED Line Light. Designed to address the growing demands of machine vision applications, this latest upgrade boasts an unprecedented level of brightness, delivering up to 30% more intensity in a compact package. 

Brightness Amplified: Now with up to 30% more intensity 

Offering up to 30% more light intensity, the new brighter COBRA Max LED line light can deliver superior brightness up to 3120kLux for your line scan application. Combined with COBRA’s exceptional strobe capability, the new COBRA Max achieves an impressive output of up to 16 million Lux. 

This upgraded brightness equips system designers with the means to elevate image quality, enhance accuracy, and boost throughput across a diverse array of applications, including solar cell inspection, foil, paper, and plastic film inspection, as well as PCB inspection, and beyond. 

Key Features:  

  • Intensities up to 3120kLux 
  • Extreme Brightness: up to x2 Intensity of COBRA Slim 
  • Slim and Compact Design 
  • Field Adjustable Focusing Distance & Diffusers 
  • Wavelengths from UV to Visible & IR 

Key Applications:  

  • Solar Cell Inspection 
  • Foil, Paper, and Plastic Film Inspection  
  • PCB Inspection 
  • Glass Inspection 
  • Semiconductor Inspection 
  • Flat Panel Display Inspection 

Built on the COBRA Slim Platform

Incorporating advancements on the trusted COBRA Slim platform, the new COBRA Max prioritizes compact design and maximized light output. By leveraging Chip-on-Board LED technology and integrating micro lens technology, the new brighter COBRA Max LED line light offers system designers a powerful solution for achieving higher quality images and accelerated throughput in their line scan applications. 

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