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LED Line Light

LED Line Lights Overview

Our LED line lights offer high intensity illumination and the advantages of LEDs — long lifetime, controllability, and increased reliability. They are ideally suited to linescan and web inspection of a host of materials and products, including paper, foil, metal, road surfaces, PCBs and semiconductors.

ProPhotonix offers a wide range of LED Line Light options:

  • COBRA Series 
    • COBRA Slim - A compact, extremely bright LED line light with a modular design that can be built to any length. Now twice as bright, delivering up to 1500 kLux without strobing.
    • COBRA Max - Delivers up to twice the intensity of COBRA Slim in the same compact , modular design. Now twice as bright, delivering up to 2600 kLux without strobing.
    • COBRA Flex  - Delivers similar performance as COBRA Slim or COBRA Max for applications where space is restricted. Now up to twice as bright.
    • COBRA Cure - Compact, field adjustable, fan-cooled, modular UV LED line light with on board Ethernet control.
    • COBRA Cure FX  - Compact, stackable, UV LED Curing Lamp with IntelliSenseTM smart sensing technology. Delivering up to 6W/cm2 or 5J/cm2.
    • NEW COBRA Cure FX2 -  Innovative UV LED Curing system delivering up to 8.4W/cm2or 17.5 J/cm2.

  • LOTUS  - A compact, rugged LED Line Light that produces a bright, uniform light for Machine Vision applications. Now available with a new cooling option: Water-cooled LOTUS 
  • SpecBright Line Light - Compact and powerful machine vision illumination
  • NEW Infinity LED Line Light - A chip-on-board LED Line light designed specifically for long range machine vision applications

Line Scan Whitepaper

Cobra Slim