Wavelength Stabilized Laser Diodes

ProPhotonix works with laser diode manufacturers to ensure that we provide the right laser diode for each specific application. A common requirement for applications such as spectroscopy, metrology, sensing, or bio-instrumentation is wavelength stability. For these types of applications, Ondax laser diodes offer their SurelockTM technology. This post reviews Ondax laser diodes, SurelockTM technology and the range of applications for these laser diodes.

Ondax Laser Diodes

Available in wavelengths from 405nm to 830nm, and with power output up to 600mW, Ondax laser diodes offer a complete solution where wavelength stabilization is required. Two packages are available, the TO can lasers and CP collimated TO-can lasers. The CP Collimated TO-can lasers incorporate an aspherical collimating lens to roughly collimate the output beam, thus simplifying integration into compact optical systems.

What is SureLock™ Technology?

Ondax’s SureLock™ Wavelength Stabilized Laser Diodes incorporate a Volume Holographic Grating filter, a miniature, ultra-narrowband VHG. This creates an external cavity that “locks” the diode laser wavelength into a narrowed optical spectrum. The result is increased spectral brightness and stabilized optical performance over extended temperature ranges. SureLock™ Technology transforms standard diode lasers into single-frequency, or spectrum-narrowed, instrument-quality lasers.


In applications where the level of response to incident radiation is used to identify or quantify a particular property (spectroscopy or sensing), a very specific and precisely controlled wavelength, independent of temperature, is often essential for measurement accuracy. Similarly, precise measurement of position, size or shape (metrology) may depend on the use of radiation with very narrow spectrum band. For these applications, Ondax’s SureLock™ Wavelength Stabilized Laser Diodes are the ideal solution.

For more information, visit the Ondax laser diodes page.

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