About Ondax Laser Diodes

This post will provide an overview of Ondax laser diodes, including the range of laser diodes available from Ondax, as well as why you might select an Ondax laser diode.

About Ondax

Ondax was founded in 2000 by a group of holography experts, and is based in California. Alongside their SureLock™ wavelength-stabilized laser diode products, they manufacture volume holographic gratings (VHGs) and raman spectroscopy systems.

The Ondax Laser Diode Range

Ondax SureLock™ laser diodes range in wavelength from 405nm to 830nm. The power outputs range from 9mW to 600mW. Ondax laser diodes are available in standard TO can packages as well as CP collimated TO cans. The CP collimated TO can laser incorporates an aspherical collimating lens to roughly collimate the output beam, thus simplifying integration into compact optical systems.


Ondax laser diodes are suited to high precision applications such as metrology, bio-instrumentation, graphic arts, analytical instrumentation, and spectroscopy or sensing, where wavelength stability is critical.

Why Ondax Laser Diodes?

Ondax is the market leader in the design and manufacture of high performance wavelength stabilized laser diodes. Ondax offers a wide range of wavelengths, power outputs and packaging options. In addition, Ondax can custom-configure a wavelength-stabilized solution to meet your specific application requirements.

SureLock™ Wavelength Stabilized Laser Diodes

Ondax SureLock™ wavelength stabilized laser diodes incorporate a volume holographic grating filter, a miniature, ultra-narrowband VHG. This creates an external cavity that “locks” the diode laser wavelength into a narrowed optical spectrum. The result is increased spectral brightness and stabilized optical performance over extended temperature ranges.


With over two decades of experience in providing laser diode technology and manufacturing laser diode modules, ProPhotonix has the technical expertise to support you to select the right laser diode for your application. For more information on Ondax laser diodes, visit our Ondax laser diodes webpage, or to choose from our full offering of laser diodes, go to our laser diode selector.

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