New RGB LED Line Light

ProPhotonix has recently launched a new RGB LED line light developed for use in machine vision applications. This post looks at the features of the new line light and describes the types of line scan applications that could benefit from its use.

The New RGB LED Line Light

Utilizing Chip-on-Board LED technology, COBRA RGB incorporates up to 60 LEDs per 100mm. This high LED packing density results in extremely bright and uniform RGB light. The mechanical design is based on the established COBRA Slim platform and like the COBRA Slim series; COBRA RGB is a modular product and is available in any length up to 5m, in 100mm increments. The new RGB LED Line light offers integrated Ethernet control as standard, allowing you to remotely adjust the color of the light to maximize contrast in your specific machine vision application

Why RGB?

RGB Line lights can be used in machine vision applications when sorting different types of products utilizing the same vision system, for example in the sorting of different types of fruit or vegetables in the food industry or in the inspection of various ink colors in the print industry. The use of RGB line lights gives the user the ability to adjust the light output to maximize contrast in their specific application

Other multi-wavelength options

With the introduction of COBRA RGB it is now possible to select any three wavelengths, from UV (ultraviolet) to Visible to IR (Infrared). The COBRA Platform is available with a wide range of optical options to ensure the optimum illumination for your application. The new product also incorporates a field adjustable lens position allowing users further flexibility to optimize the optical output for their specific application. A strobing function is available delivering up to 5 times the intensity.

For more information on COBRA RGB 
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