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Laser Safety

The light emitted from these devices has been set in accordance with IEC60825. However, staring into the beam, whether directly or indirectly, must be avoided. IEC60825 classifies laser products into three categories depending on light emitted, wavelength and eye safety.


Class II
"Caution", visible laser light less than 1.0mW. Considered eye safe, normal exposure to this type of beam will not cause permanent damage to the retina.


Class IIIR
"Danger", visible laser light between 1.0mW and 5.0mW. Considered eye safe with caution. Focusing of this light into the eye could cause some damage.

Class IIIB
"Danger", infrared (IIIR), and high power visible laser considered dangerous to the retina if exposed.

NB: It is important to note that while complying with the above classifications, unless otherwise stated, our laser diode products may alter its original design classification, and it is the responsibility of the OEM to ensure compliance with the relevant standards.