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ProPhotonix innovative LED and laser products provide effective solutions for a wide range of applications. Take a look at the following example applications.

3D Scanning

ProPhotonix produce a range of compact laser modules, ideally suited to 3D Scanning applications, for some of the fastest growing 3D scanner manufacturers in the world. These economical laser modules are just 8mm in diameter and are available in a range of red wavelengths at output power levels up to 4.5mW. Click here to learn more.

Industrial Alignment

Laser modules provide a clear visual tool for easy alignment by using spot, line or cross optics. Precision alignment is fundamental for many industrial applications. It helps to align textiles, position saw blades automatically in a timber mill or to align wheels in assembly and servicing in automotive manufacturing. Click here to learn more.

Industry Solutions

ProPhotonix lasers and LED systems are well suited to meet the demands of many industries. Our innovative engineering and custom solutions, driven by customer needs, ensure that our products will be a perfect fit for your business. Industries which we supply lasers and LED systems include Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Printing, Semi-Conductor, Solar, and more.

Machine Vision Lighting

Machine vision lighting systems provide the illumination to ensure the exactness and conformity needed in product inspection with increased quality and reduced costs. ProPhotonix supply products for 3D Imaging, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), IR Machine Vision Lighting, Sorting, UV Machine Vision Lighting and more.


Lasers and LED lighting are revolutionizing the healthcare industry, enabling faster and more accurate diagnoses and new treatment methods. Lasers and LED lighting are used for applications such as Photodynamic Therapy and Patient Positioning.

UV Curing

ProPhotonix offers a range of UV LED Curing systems and can also offer custom solutions. Due to the many advantages of LEDs over traditional technologies, there is a growing demand for UV LED Curing systems.

Security & Transport

LED systems assist law enforcement in license plate recognition and infrastructure monitoring applications, while laser modules offer high precision targeting and range finding for ballistic and missile systems. Click here for more information.