New UV LED Curing System

ProPhotonix has extended its range of UV LED curing systems with the introduction of the COBRA Cure FX2. This post outlines the specifications of the new system, the advantages of LED systems in UV curing applications as well as the unique features of the new UV LED curing system.

COBRA Cure FX2 Specifications

Cobra Cure FX2’s innovative design incorporates the many benefits of a UV LED curing system, as well as unique features to guarantee a consistent, reliable cure over the lifetime of the system.

  • Intensity up to 8.4W/cm2
  • Energy density up to 17.5 J/cm2
  • Compact, stackable UV LED System
  • Lifetime: 20,000 hours
  • Instant on/off and intensity control
  • Cold cure – ideal for heat sensitive substrates
  • Replaceable window for consistent curing results
  • 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm & multi-wavelength options available

Advantages of LED systems

UV LED curing systems offer vastly improved lifetimes over traditional technologies with the COBRA Cure FX2 offering a lifetime of 20,000 hours versus 1,500 hours for traditional technologies, resulting in significantly reduced maintenance costs. The efficiency of LED systems also results in energy savings, and with having no ozone emissions or mercury content, offer a more sustainable solution. In addition, the “cold cure” offered by LED systems is ideal for heat sensitive substrates.

Unique Features

The COBRA Cure FX2 offers all of the above benefits plus it incorporates a field replaceable window. This innovative feature, designed to ensure the system delivers consistent output, is easy to use, requires no special tools for window replacement, thus minimizing system downtime. In addition the COBRA Cure FX2’s compact design offers edge to edge illumination making the system truly scalable without any drop in intensity at the edges. Available options include a number of optical configurations, four wavelengths, as well as multi-wavelength options.

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