New UV LED Curing Lamp

This post will look at a new UV LED Curing lamp from ProPhotonix, the advantages of UV LED lamps versus traditional technologies and the benefits of the new COBRA Cure FX1.

UV LED Curing Lamps vs. Traditional Technologies

LED illumination offers significant benefits versus traditional UV lamps. A typical UV LED curing lamp can offer illuminator lifetimes up to 50,000 hours, while offering a much more stable output over the lifetime of the product. Another advantage of UV LEDs versus traditional technologies is that they offer precise control. With instant-on/ off and intensity control, LED technology offers users a much more efficient solution. LEDs are also a more sustainable and safe solution than traditional technologies as they do not release ozone and are heavy metal free. With all of these advantages, it is easy to see that a UV LED Curing Lamp will offer a lower total cost of ownership than more traditional technologies.

What makes COBRA CURE FX1 different?

COBRA Cure FX1 includes a number of innovative features to ensure that the product is easy to use and maintain.

First, its unique design includes a field-replaceable exit window. Why? In certain operating environments, such as pinning applications, materials can build-up over time on the outer surface of the window. This reduces the intensity of the light causing a reduction in system performance. With some UV LED Lamps, the operator must manually clean the emitter window resulting in downtime and the possibility of damaging the light. The field-replaceable window allows for a fast and efficient change of window by non-technical personnel. This reduces downtime and ensures that system performance is maintained.

Second, COBRA Cure FX1 incorporates IntelliSense, a patent-pending new smart sensing technology which provides precise output control, operational intelligence and “Plug & Play” integration for end users.

For more information, visit the COBRA Cure FX1 page.

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