New MultiSpectral LED Line Light

ProPhotonix has recently announced a new multispectral LED line light, COBRA MultiSpec. The new product offers all of the benefits of the popular COBRA Series with up to twelve wavelengths. This post outlines the key features of the multispectral light, potential applications as well as the benefits of a multispectral LED line light.

COBRA™ MultiSpec Features

As part of the popular COBRA series, COBRA MultiSpec utilizes Chip-on-Board LED technology, delivering extreme brightness and excellent uniformity in a compact form factor. Like the rest of the COBRA Series, COBRA MultiSpec is modular, available in any length up to 5m and offers field-adjustable optics, allowing users to optimize the output for their specific application. The new multispectral LED line light is available with up to twelve wavelengths from 365 – 1500 nanometers.

It also offers:

  • Four independent strobe lines
  • On-board Ethernet control
  • Input Power Monitoring

One of the key features of the new COBRA™ MultiSpec is the multiple strobe options. Custom strobe profiles, a custom number of strobe lines as well as factory set strobe profiles are available.


To enable rapid data acquisition and analysis, multispectral strobe patterns with up to four optically independent strobe lines come as standard. For example, a COBRA MultiSpec configured with twelve wavelengths may be programmed to emit three wavelengths per strobe line. With this set up the system would capture data on all twelve wavelengths in one strobe cycle with a total delay and response time profile of less than one micro second (1µs).

Multispectral LED Line Light Applications

The new multispectral LED line light is ideal for multispectral and hyperspectral imaging applications across a wide range of industries. Examples include counterfeit currency and pharmaceutical detection, food sorting, mineral identification and sorting, material identification for recycling, and many other applications.

For more information on COBRA MultiSpec

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