New Laser Diodes

ProPhotonix has been appointed as a franchised distributor of Panasonic’s new range of red, infrared and dual wavelength laser diodes in the EMEA region. This post highlights the benefits of the new single and dual-wavelength laser diodes and gives details of their applications.

Benefits of the new laser diodes

Panasonic’s laser diodes offer a number of benefits:

  • Compact and Light design
  • Stable output power at high temperatures
  • High Efficiency
  • Exceptional reliability

Single Mode Laser Diodes

The red laser diode, LNCQ28PS01WW, is a 661nm laser diode with an output power of 100mW. The infrared, LNC728PS01WW, 783nm laser diode offers an output power of 200mW. Both are single mode laser diodes and packaged in compact 5.6mm cans

Dual-Wavelength Laser diode Packages

The 661nm and 783nm wavelengths are available in several dual wavelength packages utilizing Panasonic’s proprietary manufacturing technology. Both laser diodes are packaged on a single chip and maintain their respective optical characteristics.

Dual – Wavelength Laser Diode Package Types

Three package types are available: 5.6mm can, frame package or small frame package. The frame packages are specifically designed to reduce size and weight and operate at up to 85°C .

Laser Diode Applications

These diodes have applications in inspection, identification and alignment applications amongst others. Single and dual wavelength packages have applications in sensing, industrial (alignment applications, Timber grading, Barcode reader, Food inspection & sorting, particle analysis etc.) and biomedical equipment.

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