New IR Laser Diodes from QSI

ProPhotonix has recently added two new IR laser diodes from QSI to its product range. This post will provide an overview of the two new infrared laser diodes from QSI, the key specifications and potential applications for the new products.

New Infrared Laser Diodes

The new 940nm laser diodes are offered at two output power levels, the QL94J6SX has an output power of 50mW and the QL94R6SX has an output power of 200mW. Both diodes are provided in a compact 5.6mm and are rated at operating temperatures up to 60⁰C. Each diode is available in three different pin configurations ensuring ease of integration into a wide variety of systems. In addition, these IR laser diodes incorporate a built-in photodiode enabling continuous performance monitoring.

Key Specifications

  • Wavelength:940nm
  • Output Power: 50mW or 200mW.
  • Compact 5.6mm can
  • Operating temperatures up to 60⁰C
  • Range of pin configurations available
  • Built-in photodiode

Key Applications

The 940nm, 50mW laser diode, QL94J6SX, is suited to a range of applications including 3D sensing, gesture recognition and targeting applications. In addition, the diode is an excellent solution for integration into industrial laser modules. The QL94R6SX 940nm Laser Diode provides an excellent light source for virtual reality, augmented reality and depth-sensing applications. Both diodes are rated at operating temperatures up to 60°C and are available in three different pin configurations, providing six new laser diode options, to ease integration for specific application requirements.


ProPhotonix has more than 20 years’ experience in laser diode technology, both as a supplier and integrator of laser diodes. As a result, ProPhotonix is uniquely positioned to support you in selecting the optimum laser diode for your application. To learn more about the new QSI laser diodes and download the datasheets, visit the QSI laser diode page.

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