New range of IR and Red Laser Diodes from QSI

ProPhotonix extends its range of red laser diodes and IR laser diodes, with the addition of the new QL63F7S – A/B/C, QL65D7S- A/B/C- PS and QL78F8S – A/B/C laser diodes from QSI. With these new products, ProPhotonix is offering new laser diodes ideal for eye-safe sensors, cameras, and optical module applications.

This blog post provides an overview of the new Red and IR laser diodes and their applications.

Red Laser Diodes

QL63F7S – A/B/C 635nm laser diode is ideally suited for integration into sensor and laser module applications. Its rated optical power output is 10mW CW and it is offered in a compact 5.6mm package.

For similar applications at 650nm, the new QL65D7S – A/B/C – PS laser diode has a rated output power of 5mW and a low operating current. Additionally, the low power level makes the QL65D7S – A/B/C – PS laser diode ideally suited to applications such as cameras, sensors, and laser modules. This red laser diode operates with a maximum drive current of 33mA.

IR Laser Diode

The IR laser diode, QL78F8S – A/B/C is ideally suited to industrial optical module and sensor applications. This 780nm device has an output power 10mW, with a built-in photodiode for monitoring laser diode performance. It is available with three different pin configurations within a package of 5.6mm. This laser diode can be operated at a maximum temperature of 80°C.


QSI is an established laser diode manufacturer with over 20 years’ experience in providing a wide range of wavelengths, power outputs, and advanced technology in semiconductor laser diode products. QSI is well established in a number of applications including laser printing, barcode scanning, power tools, optical pick-ups, medical equipment, automotive, defense and 3d gesture recognition and display.

Why work with ProPhotonix?

ProPhotonix has more than 20 years’ experience in laser diode technology. As a manufacturer of laser diode modules as well as a laser diode supplier, we are ideally positioned to offer you technical support in selecting the right laser diode for your application. Our well-established relationship with our laser diode manufactures allows us to offer the latest in laser diode technology at an excellent value.

To see the full range of laser diodes available from ProPhotonix, visit our laser diode selector.

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