New 638nm laser diode from Ushio

ProPhotonix has recently expanded its red laser diodes range with the addition of the new HL63391/92DG from Ushio, a high-powered, durable laser diode ideally suited to industrial and projector applications. This post will provide an overview of the new 638nm laser diode, the key specifications, and applications.

New Red Laser Diode

HL63391/92DG offers high optical output power of 200mW at a wavelength of 638nm. The red laser diode can tolerate demanding environmental conditions including temperatures as high as 60°C. In addition, the red laser diode incorporates a built-in photodiode to continually monitor its performance and allow output power control.

The single-mode laser diode is highly durable and is offered in a compact 5.6mm package.

Key specifications of Red Laser Diode

  • Wavelength: 638nm
  • Optical output power: 200mW
  • Single-mode
  • Compact, 5.6mm package
  • Operating temperature up to 60°C
  • Built-in photodiode

Key applications of Red Laser Diode

The 638nm laser diode is a robust and reliable product ideally suited for integration into laser modules, levellers, measurement equipment and as a light source for projector and laser shows. The high-powered, compact laser diode is well suited to a range of industrial applications.

ProPhotonix has over two decades of experience in providing laser diode technology to our OEM customers and integrating laser diodes into our laser diode modules. This knowledge allows ProPhotonix to provide technical expertise to support you to select the right laser diode for your application.

ProPhotonix has strong relationships with many laser diode manufacturers and can offer excellent value in laser diodes to customers.


With more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of laser diodes, Ushio has an excellent reputation for quality. Its broad range addresses the majority of laser diode applications. With the release of the new 638nm laser diode, Ushio continues to offer reliable, high-quality and competitively priced red laser diodes.

To learn more about the new HL63391/92DG laser diode, visit the Ushio laser diode page.

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