Laser Diodes for Laser Displays

Laser diodes are widely used in entertainment applications in of state-of-the-art laser effects and light shows. The laser light shows dramatically increase the impact of any visual display or performance and when executed to their full potential can create a unique experience. Here is our guide to selecting the best laser diodes for creating a professional and high quality light show.


Delivering a vivid color palette and three-dimensional reach, visible laser light is intrinsically eye- catching and can be used to striking effect in a broad range of applications. Laser displays can become attractions in themselves in amusement park settings, they can direct attention within art exhibitions and installations, and they can be used as an impactful advertising medium at events. For the widest range of colors or wavelengths, select a supplier who works with a number of laser diode manufacturers offering a full range of wavelengths.

Laser Diodes Selection

ProPhotonix offers lasers in a variety of colors including red, green and blue options. When using laser diodes for light shows and visual displays, key considerations include available wavelengths, power consumption and operating lifetime as well as form factor.

Laser Diode Manufacturers

ProPhotonix works with a a number of high quality laser diode manufacturers to ensure we have a full range of laser diodes in stock and available. These include market leaders such as Osram, QSI, Ushio, Panasonic and Ondax. We have established relationships with these manufacturers, and along with our experience as a laser diode integrator, this allows us to support you in selecting the optimum laser diode for your system.

Technical Support

With more than two decades of experience in laser diodes, ProPhotonix offers technical support to help you select the ideal laser diode to get the most from your application. The strength of our relationships with laser diode manufacturers, allows us to offer excellent value. With our experience of integrating laser diodes into modules we are well positioned to offer advice on other elements of your system including optics and drive electronics.

For more information on specifying the optimum laser diode for your light show or visual display contact ProPhotonix at

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