Green Laser Diodes: Exploring the Applications of Green Laser Diodes

Laser diodes in the green spectral range, which are four times more visible to the human eye when compared to red, provide superior visibility and efficiency relative to other colors. The high luminous efficacy, precision and efficiency of green laser diodes make them ideal for applications where superior clarity is crucial, such as alignment, targeting and more.  

In the last of our ‘laser diodes by color’ blog series, we will dive into the diverse range of applications of green laser diodes, exploring their role in medical, industrial, defense, and scientific research fields. 

Fig 1. Human eye sensitivity

Green Laser Diode Applications 

ProPhotonix offers a range of newly upgraded 515nm and 520nm direct emission green laser diodes, now more efficient than ever. With output power levels up to 140mW, our green laser diodes offer superior reliability and precision for a wide range of applications from laser projection and holography to biomedical imaging and metrology. Let’s find out more. 

Medical Applications 

Green laser diodes are integral components of medical equipment used in medical imaging and diagnostics providing accurate measurement, alignment and targeting capabilities. Their high visibility and sharp laser line make them ideal for accurately positioning patients for scanning, especially across different skin tones. Additionally, green lasers find diverse therapeutic applications in aesthetic treatments such as acne treatments and fat reduction. 

Green Laser Module in patient positioning application
Fig 2. Green laser beam in use in a patient positioning application

Communication and Data Transmission Applications 

Green lasers can penetrate water, making them suitable for underwater communications. Green laser diodes are also preferred in bathymetric LIDAR which is used extensively to capture geospatial data from shallow waters and the coastline. The shorter wavelength of green laser diodes extends the detection ranges of bathymetric LIDAR without compromising data accuracy. 

A record high-speed long-distance underwater optical wireless communication (UOWC) system based on low-power 520 nm green laser diodes demonstrated real-time data rates up to 4.60 Gbps. [1] Such green laser diode-based systems are also used for sea floor monitoring, oceanography investigations and more. 

Industrial and Manufacturing Applications  

Green lasers suit the requirements of traditional laser cutting and engraving applications providing a sharp laser beam for efficient materials processing. Green laser diodes are also used in manufacturing processes for precision measurement, alignment and quality control. 

Scientific Research 

Green laser diodes are also playing a significant role in a wide range of scientific endeavors and experiments, including light scattering studies, fluorescence spectroscopy, bioinstrumentation, and interferometry, showcasing their versatility and importance in scientific research.  


In this blog, we’ve explored the diverse applications of green laser diodes across various industries and fields, demonstrating their versatility and importance in modern technology. At ProPhotonix, we have partnered with leading laser diode manufacturers such as Osram for over two decades, enabling us to offer compact and high-quality 515nm and 520nm green laser diodes with power levels up to 140mW.  

Whether you’re looking for the most suitable green laser diode for an application in the medical, industrial, or communication industry, our technical team can help you understand the specifications and provide laser solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us now for free expert advice. 

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  1. X. Liu, S. Yi, X. Zhou, Z. Fang, Z. Qiu, L. Hu, C. Cong, L. Zheng, R. Liu, and P. Tian, “34.5 m underwater optical wireless communication with 2.70 Gbps data rate based on a green laser diode with NRZ-OOK modulation,” Opt. Express  25, 27937-27947 (2017).

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