Compact, High-Quality Blue and Violet Laser Diodes from ProPhotonix

ProPhotonix offers a range of Blue and Violet Laser Diodes in wavelengths from 404nm to 488nm and power levels up to 1000mW. A variety of packages are available to suit your application needs. This blog post provides an overview of the range of blue and violet laser diodes available and the range of applications that can benefit from these diodes.

The Blue and Violet Laser Diode Range Overview

Blue and violet semiconductor laser diodes have commercial benefits, as well as technical benefits, as they offer a competitive alternative to DPSS lasers and other technologies currently available at these wavelengths.

ProPhotonix offers blue laser diodes at 450nm and 488nm with power levels up to 120mW. These blue laser diodes are manufactured by Osram, a company renowned for its innovation and focus on quality. Two package options are available at 3.8mm and 5.6mm. Osram blue laser diodes offer high reliability and long lifetimes.

Violet laser diodes are available at 404nm and 405nm with power levels from 12 to 1000mW. ProPhotonix supplies a range of violet laser diode solutions from Ushio, a company with more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of laser diode technology as well as Ondax, known for its innovative wavelength stabilized laser diodes.

Violet laser diodes are available in a range of packages including 5.6mm and 9mm cans as well as a number of pin configurations to suit your application. These diodes can operate at a range of temperatures with operating temperatures for some up to a maximum of 70°C.

Blue and Violet Laser Diode Applications

Blue laser diodes can provide an ideal solution for demanding applications such as flow cytometry, medical diagnostics, DNA sequencing, bio-fluorescence, and particle measurement. Additionally, these laser diodes are suited to commercial applications including laser projection, stage lighting, biomedical applications, and metrology.

Violet laser diodes offer an excellent solution for applications such as medical and biomedical, measurement, and 3D printing.

Why ProPhotonix

With more than 20 years’ experience as both a supplier and an integrator of laser diodes, ProPhotonix has the expertise to help you in selecting the right laser diode for your specific application. Our relationships with laser diode manufacturers give us access to the latest in laser diode technology and ensure that we can deliver excellent value to you.

To learn more about the ProPhotonix laser diode range visit the blue laser diodes or violet laser diodes.

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