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Osram Green and blue laser diodes

High Quality Green & Blue Laser Diodes from Osram


With over 2 decades of experience in laser diodes ProPhotonix offers:
  • Technical Support helping you select the ideal laser diode to get the most from your application
  • A wide range of laser diodes in stock for immediate shipment
  • Excellent value due to the strength of our relationships with laser diode manufacturers
  • Advice on other elements of your system including optics, drive electronics & complete laser modules

Wavelength (nm) Power (mW) Part Number* Package (mm) Max Operating Temp (°C) Pin Configuration
450  120  PL450B 3.8  70  LD Only 
1400  PLTB450B 5.6  70  LD Only 
488  60  PLT5-488 5.6  60  2M 
515  10  PLT5-510 5.6  60  2M 
30  PL515 3.8  60  LD Only 
520  50  PL520 3.8  60  LD Only 
80  PL520B 5.6  60  LD Only 
90  PLP520-B2 5.6  60  LD Only 
50  PLT5-520 -B1-2-3 5.6  60  2M 
30  PLT5-520-B4-5-6 5.6  60  2M 

Osram laser diodes are ideally suited to a range of alignment, targeting & medical applications. Green Photon Laser Modules are available from ProPhotonix in a variety of wavelengths for these applications. 

If you require 3D or machine vision applications, ProPhotonix' Structured Light Laser Module and Structured Light Laser Mini Module are available with green diodes.