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Articles in the Media






 March, 2015
 LED-Based Sun-Simulator Design: Technical and Commercial Considerations Photonics Spectra 
A discussion of the limitations of traditional sun-simulator technologies
and the advantages offered by LED systems.

February, 2014

 All in Vein
Imaging and Machine Vision Europe
 ProPhotonix provide illumination for vascular imaging application


 September, 2013
 State of Play Imaging and Machine Vision Europe Machine vision industry view Link
 August, 2013
 Here Comes the Sun
 Imaging and Machine Vision Europe
 Infrared and thermal imaging can maximize the efficiency of solar panels Article on Page 12
 June 25, 2013
 From Reflection to Emission, Metal Forming Challenges Machine Vision MachineVision Online
 Metal forming uses heat and pressure to create the building blocks of our society. Gauging heat and temperature is difficult but machinevision applications can help Link
 June, 2013
 Press Mention
 EuroPhotonics ProPhotonix Now Distributes High Powered Oclaro Diodes Link
 March, 2013
 Keeping Everything Ship Shape Automation
 Managing the Huge Number of Containers in and out of Ports PDF
 February, 2013
 Lightening the Load: Imaging and MachineVision Europe Helping load trucks safely to manage the flow of shipping containers into and out of ports Link
 February, 2013
 LEDs challenge xenon flash lamps in solar panel testing Vision Systems Design Testing solar panels by simulating the sun. Link
 October 1, 2011
 Lighting for Vision Gets Easier Test & Measurement World Describes the benefits of using LEDs in machine vision applications and also features ProPhotonix Managing Director, Simon Stanley. 
 September 8, 2011
 Laser Company Keeps Salem Roots Salem Observer
 This article relates how even with financial growth and expansion overseas, ProPhotonix has actively sought to maintain a US presence. 
 July 28, 2011
 ProPhotonix Shines Bright Growth Company Investor An article that describes the financial advancements of ProPhotonix, in the LED field specifically. 
 July 18, 2011
 ProPhotonix Ltd raises cash, targets new LED markets LEDs Magazine A spotlight on how a recent cash flow for ProPhotonix will allow them to branch out from the machine vision market they are known for into other LED markets. 
 June 15, 2011
 Photonics Online Newsletter Photonics Online
 Features ProPhotonix's structured light laser, InViso. 
 June/July 2011 Lighting The Way
 IMVE Profiles ProPhotonix as a company as well as highlights the unique laser and LED solutions that it offers. 
 February/March 2011 On The Road Again
 IMVE Discusses the role of ProPhotonix's LED line SpecBrights in Intelligent Transportation Systems. 
 December 2010/January 2011 Thin and Fast
 IMVE Features the advantages of ProPhotonix's unique Chip-on-board technology for LED technology for line scan applications.