Two committees provide oversight to support the proper governance of the company:


  • The Audit Committee is responsible for providing formal and transparent reporting of the financial performance of the group for applying internal control principles and for maintaining an appropriate relationship with the company’s auditors.
  • The Governance, Nominations and Remuneration Committee is responsible for oversight of corporate and Director governance, the appointment and replacement of new Directors of the Company, and to ensure that processes designed to retain and remunerate the individual directors and management are consistent with current best practice.


Audit CommitteeGovernance, Nominations and Remuneration Committee

Ray Oglethorpe – Chairman of the Board

Member: Audit

Member: Governance, Nominations and Remuneration


Tim Steel

Member: Audit

Chair: Governance, Nominations and Remuneration


Vincent Thompson

Chair: Audit

Member: Governance, Nominations and Remuneration


Mark Weidman

Member: Audit

Member: Governance, Nominations and Remuneration


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