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Custom LED and Laser Solutions Overview

ProPhotonix specializes in the design & manufacture of custom Laser and LED solutions for the most detailed and exacting application requirements. With over two decades of experience in providing custom solutions to OEMs and system integrators worldwide; ProPhotonix has established a proven development process with your requirements at the center of what we do.

Custom Solutions Flowchart

Delivering Innovative Solutions

ProPhotonix starts every design process with your requirements. Our engineers collaborate directly with you to ensure that we understand every aspect of your specification. Our engineering expertise combined with our in-house manufacturing capabilities mean that we can design and deliver the most appropriate product for your application.

Why choose a custom solution?

A custom solution: 
  • Improves system performance due to the appropriateness of the product
  • Leverages ProPhotonix’ expertise in optical, mechanical and electronic engineering
  • Results in shorter time-to-market
  • Avoids distracting internal resources from core business
  • Allows you to benefit from ProPhotonix’ proven quality processes and controls

ProPhotonix has the expertise in LED and Laser sources to design these sources into turnkey solutions allowing you to focus on your core business. Our relationships with quality vendors as well as our in-house manufacturing facilities enable us to deliver prototypes quickly. In addition, our flexible manufacturing process allows us to produce to the highest quality standards in both high and low volume.