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3D Measurement / 3D Imaging

Lasers and LEDs are used in 3D measurement systems for inspection, sorting and defect detection

3D imaging systems allow users to rapidly gain three dimensional information of a scene or object. The method used to capture the information dictates whether Laser or LED lighting is used.

Laser 3D Imaging

Laser triangulation is the most widely adopted method of 3D imaging. It involves projecting one or more laser spots or lines onto an object. The position of the spot on the detector can then be used to determine its distance from the detector with extreme precision. Defect detection and the measurement of volumes and elevations are the most common application of this technology. The semiconductor industry uses 3D imaging to determine the surface quality of wafers while food-related organizations utilize it to measure the volume food products.

When using laser triangulation, laser requirements depend on the object being inspected. ProPhotonix' Structured Light Lasers, the 3D PRO™ Lasers address 3D imaging needs. The 3D PRO™ Laser Series produces extremely narrow laser lines and delivers excellent uniformity. 3D Laser Pro and 3D PRO Laser Mini are available in industry-standard form factors and can be integrated easily into existing systems.

LED 3D Imaging

"Photogrammetry", another 3D imaging method, detects reflective markers on an object and then analyzes the movement of these markers. ProPhotonix LED products, such as SpecBright Arealights can be used in this type of application. This method is employed by the automotive industry for safety and quality inspections. There are systems that can simultaneously measure the 3D co-ordinates of any number of defined measurement positions, through the use of lightweight markers which are imaged by a digital camera. Software analysis of the acquired images provides information on speed, displacement and acceleration of moving parts. Illumination for these measurement systems is provided by an array of IR SpecBright Arealights.